Dunn County Fairs

The Colfax Free Fair is in Colfax June 23-26, 2016.

If you belong to the following Dunn County 4-H Clubs you can show at the Colfax Fair: Cedarlings, Colfax Comets, Elk Meadow, 22ers, Sand Creek Pipers, or County Liners.  The updated Fair Book is available now. COLFAX FAIRBOOK 2016

The Dunn County Fair is in Menomonie July 26-30, 2017.

Members of all 4-H Clubs in Dunn County (and all other youth organizations) can exhibit at this fair.

The Dunn County Fair Book  is available on line  and at the Dunn County Fair Office. 

Youth will make their fair project entries online at dunncountywi.fairentry.com. 4-H Members will use their log in information from 4-H Online and FFA members (along with other youth organizations) will need to create an account in Fair Entry. Below is a video produced by Fair Entry that will walk you through entering your exhibits.


The Dunn County Fair Junior Fair Judging Schedules

The 2016 Junior Fair Schedule tells you when you need to be where for the projects you’re bringing. If you are a cloverbud or an explorer, take a look at the Cloverbud and Explorer Judging 2016 as well.

Dunn County Fair Set Up Night is on July 21st. There are two chunks of time to keep on your radar.

  • Exhibt Hall Set up from 3:00pm – 5:00pm
  • Barn set up from 6:00pm – 8:00pm



Dunn County Fair Online entries are Closed

More Information on Youth Project Entries Online

 Before you begin to set up a user account

  • Determine an e-mail address you will have your information sent to.
  • Members showing animals (except dogs, cats and small animals) will be required to enter their premise ID.  If you don’t have a premise ID# call 1-888-808-1910 or go online at http://www.wiid.org/.

 To Access Blue Ribbon:

  • Go to Dunn County Fair website:  dunncountyfair.org
  • Select the “Fair Book” tab at the top
  • Click on the link “Online Entries–Available for Junior and Open Class” (This link is on the home page or under the “Fair Book Tab”)

Create a New User Account (If you already have an account, skip to”Login”)

You will need to provide basic information- address, club, email, etc.

  • You will need your premise ID if you are showing animals.  If you are not bringing animals use 9999999 (seven 9’s) as a premise ID #


  • (First name, e-mail and password)
  • Click on Premium Book
  • Select Department
  • Add Class and Lot

While selecting projects, you can click on “pending” to see what you have chosen so far.

When you are completely satisfied click on Tickets and Misc Items/Checkout.

Click the affirmation that you have read and understand the fair rules and regulations. (Which are in front of the fair book)

Click on submit – this will send the entries you chose to your e-mail and the fair.

Click on “History’ to see everything you have entered.

Making Changes

If you want to add, delete or change an entry you can go back in to blue ribbon and start at login.  You don’t create another new user account – remember your password and the email address you used!  You will get a new e-mail every time you go back in and make a change to your entries.

Entry Deadline

The last day to enter or make changes to entries is 6/15/15.


The exhibitors bringing in horses still have to fill out the paper horse form.  Enter Department 6, Class letter and Lot numbers on the computer, but you will need to get the paper copy, along with your Coggins, to your general leader by 6/15/15.

General Leaders

After June 15th and before the 30th, you can come to the Fair Office and get a printout of all the on-line entries for your club.  These will have to be signed by you that the exhibitors are entered in those projects, just as you would a non-online entries.  Once those are done the exhibit tags can be printed.

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