July- Cabbage Cuisine

July is here which means bathing suit season! What a scary but enjoyable time of the year. What better way to stay in shape than with some hearty and healthy vegetables from our own gardens? Cabbage is an amazing vegetable that can be gardened from July to October. It has some great key nutrients including: […]


June- Better With Beets?

Summer is finally kicking in! Beets are ready to be grown until the month of October. What child doesn’t love the sweet taste of beets? The best part is they have several key nutrients including: Fiber to prevent constipation Potassium to help maintain normal blood pressure Folate to prevent birth defects and reduce the risk […]


May- Try Some Greens Today!

May is here and so is gardening season for the most delicious greens including beets, collard, mustard, spinach, and Swiss chard. The best news is that we can grow and enjoy these delicious vegetables until the month of October. They have several key nutrients including: Vitamin A for vision, healthy skin, and resistance to infection. […]


April- Asparagus Returns!

Asparagus season is starting back up! What better way to begin the spring season than to enjoy a side of asparagus with fresh fish? Asparagus season usually lasts until June so it is crucial to take advantage of the months given. When choosing stalks make sure they are a vibrant green with firm and straight […]


March- Fishing Season

With fishing season starting back up what better way to get ready for the summer than to cook up some delicious seafood. Begin this season with our Oven Fried Fish. This is a great way to allow your child to fall in love with fish! Who doesn’t like food that is breaded? Ingredients 1 egg […]