Dunn County 4-H: National 4-H Volunteer e-Forum 2017

Hi 4-H Member and Leaders –

This year Dunn County will be hosting all three National 4-H Volunteer e-Forum Training sessions!! Our sessions in Dunn County will be held approximately a week after each training was ‘live’ across the nation. If you would like to attend a live session please email smhintz@co.dunn.wi.us for a list of ‘live’ training sessions across the northwestern Wisconsin region.


Dunn County 4-H: National 4-H Volunteer Training Events:

  • Cultivating an Environment for Growing True Leaders – Done 
  • “STEM”ming into Livestock – Growing True 4-H Leaders – Coming soon 
  • Helping 4-H’ers Grow in Life and Work – Coming soon 


Location: Dunn County Community Service Building (CSB)
3001 US Highway 12 East, Menomonie, WI 54751


Take the quick survey here: https://goo.gl/forms/4oyQQ5ZaS9iWlnul1


*Please RSVP 3 days in advance. Event will be cancelled if less than 5 people have RSVP’d. Contact Stephanie Hintz, 715-231-6690 for more information


Still want to learn more? Check out this information below.


National 4-H Volunteer E-Forum Overview

Purpose of a National 4-H Volunteer e-Forum
The National 4-H Volunteer e-Forum will incorporate the knowledge, experiences, and resources of the
national 4-H system to offer consistent, in depth, relevant training for 4-H Volunteers across the

Outcomes for Volunteers

  1. 4-H Volunteers will implement the best practices of positive youth development, enhancing their ability
    to interact effectively with youth.
  2. Volunteers will recognize and understand that they are an important part of the bigger picture within the national 4-H program.
  3. Volunteers will network with and learn from peers, in face-to-face and virtual environments.
  4. Volunteers will participate in a national training which requires a minimal cost and time commitment.
  5. Volunteers will gain new knowledge and have access to resources (e.g, recorded webinars, fact
    sheets, lesson plans, etc.).

Target Audience
The target audience for the National 4-H Volunteer e-Forum includes approved 4-H volunteers who
work with youth primarily in club or project/subject matter-based 4-H Youth Development Programs.
Participants may include any and all levels of service tenure with the 4-H program. Youth volunteers are
also invited to participate. A secondary audience includes the 4-H Extension staff members who work
with the volunteers to implement a successful 4-H program for the members. There are no prerequisites
for this program.

e-Forum Format and Structure
The National 4-H Volunteer e-Forum will include three (3) sessions of 90 minutes each. We encourage
host sites to invite volunteers to arrive 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled program so that host site
facilitators can lead introductory activities or icebreakers prior to the start of the live program.

Session Descriptions:

Cultivating an Environment for Growing True Leaders
Creating an environment where 4-H members feel safe as they grow and develop leadership
skills means having volunteers who understand the basics of positive youth development. This
session will feature ideas and activities that help foster life skill development by focusing on
strategies for more effective club interactions. Participants will learn about the Essential
Elements of 4-H and the 5 C’s of positive youth development, so join us to set the stage for
more successful club meetings!

“STEM”ming into Animal Science, Growing True Leaders
Build on the roots of 4-H as we STEM our way into agriculture and animal science for
experienced and new 4-H’ers. Gain resources to incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering,
and Math (STEM) leaders through traditional animal sciences project areas in communities.
Volunteers will gain ideas for planning and organizing fun, educational sessions for youth.

Helping 4-H’ers Grow in Life & Work
In 4-H, all youth can explore their future. Club meetings, events, camps, and after-school
programs are places to develop life skills and expand their interests through 4-H. During this
session volunteers will share ideas, receive resources, and see a variety of successful programs
that help youth focus on life-long learning, workforce readiness, and career exploration. Caring
adults can help all young people make decisions and create their own positive future.


If you have any questions regarding 4-H Youth Development, please contact:

Stephanie Hintz
4-H Program Assistant

Dunn County UW-Extension
3001 US Hwy 12 E, Room 102
Menomonie WI 54751-3045
Phone: 715-232-1636
Fax: 715-231-6687

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